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 My guest room is really my craft room.  In February, I bought two sets of the wire cubes from Costco.  Today is Saturday, March 12 2005 and many things have already changed a little due to new purchases.



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feb 020.jpg

Wire cubes enabled me to get things off of the floo.r

Some of my 12x12 scrapbook kits, mostly Club Scrap


I had my 3 work tables in a long L shape, but decided that a U shape would work better, plus I’m facing the TV now.


This is the left side of the room.  Magazine collection, scrapbooks & stuff. The table has two leaves and can easily be cleared off and pulled out for a scrapbooking guest to work.  You can see a portion of the guest queen size futon that comfortably sleeps two.


A close up view of my immediate work area.

This picture made me laugh…the empty cubby holes are no longer empty.






To the right of this area is a large walk-in closet that holds my husbands clothes on one side and a bunch of craft stuff on the other.  Also, I have the second Costco 8 cube up organizer against the wall in the closet holding all of my backup supplies.  To the right of the closet is a full bath.


Shelving units on the walls will be the next improvement.

My view sitting in the chair.






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