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Now that’s a Beer!!  German Size

Ka'a'awa Beach on the windward side of O'ahu

Safari West

Doolin, Ireland - Kirk got to see some sun 








4/30/2007 – I’ve joined the blogging community hoping it will be easier to do a quick post…visit my site:


7/17/2005 – Club Scrap Rolling Retreat in California


I just got home from a wonderful weekend in Costa Mesa, CA (Orange Co). 


3/12/2005 – Added pictures of my scrapbook room to the website.  Click here to view them.


12/12/04 – I’ve been delinquent in updating my journal lately…sorry.  Busy quarter in school this fall.  Taking general education classes like English & Geography that took up a lot of time.  Kirk & I also went to Santa Barbara the beginning of November so I could have a cropping (Scrapbooking) weekend with the Yahoo West Coast Chat Clubscrap girls.  Other than that we have just been enjoying our new house.


10/19/04 – Mom and Aunt Linda came to visit us this past week.  We did a lot of shopping, visited Monterey and Santa Cruz.  Click here to see the photo’s


9/11/04 – We had our housewarming party today.  Click here to see the photo’s.


8/16/04 – Finally starting to enjoy the new house.  Tigger loves all the space as much as we do.  He isn’t too fond of the hardwood floor on the 1st floor, so he spends a lot of time on the 2nd floor since it has carpet.  He loves to play with his toys on the hardwood…they fly!  His paws/the pads squeak when he runs around.  He also runs up and down the stairs. 

I’m not a 100% done unpacking, but the place is starting to look good.  Click here to see some photo’s as the place looks today (includes some just moved in pics too).

5/15/04 – After much rest this week, I finally got the photo’s upload and sorted from our Munich & Frankfurt Germany trip.  I will be posting a journal of the places we visited shortly.  Click here to see photo’s

12/28/2003 – Kirk is taking German at Foothill and I’m getting ready to start taking general education courses this coming spring for my degree at Foothill.  We spent a quite Thanksgiving & Christmas in California this year.  We are getting ready for a busy winter quarter:  Kirk is taking German II and C++ Online for fun and I’m finishing up the bulk of the travel courses.  We are both taking a Bowling class in Palo Alto.

I’m planning a trip back to Maryland in March and we are both going to Germany this spring.

9/29/2003 - Tracy passed the Alaska Destination Specialist exam given by ICTA.  I am now a DS for Hawaii, China & Alaska!

8/28/03 - We are changing our web page hosting to Yahoo.  Our Burlee/Interland hosting site has just become too unreliable.

August Update - What a busy summer!  We started with finals at school, the next day went to Hawaii, then Tracy went to Baltimore to visit with family.  After that, we then went to Defcon in Las Vegas.  This was all in July.  August has just been errands, war gaming and tons of scrapbooking.  I hope to expand the scrapbooking link with pictures of the scrapbook pages I am creating.

7/5/2003 - Just got back from Hawaii!  It was a great trip.  We stayed 5 nights at Waikiki on O'ahu and 3 nights in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Highlights included a couple of Luau's, hiked to the top of the Diamond Head crater, Volcanoes Nat'l Park, Place of Refuge and a secluded beach.  Actually, each day was jam packed full of activity.

We took TONS of pictures, but here are 155 of the best ones.  Click here

6/10/2003 - Mom came to visit nothing exciting...just did a lot of shopping

May, 2003 - Sherman is back in the US, but he is still on active duty

May, 2003 - Tracy passed the China Destination Specialist exam given by ICTA.

April, 2003 - Tracy passed the Hawaii Destination Specialist exam given by ICTA.

3/10/03 - Sherman shipped out this past Saturday 3/8/03.  Click here for Laura's pictures.  

2/3/03 - Kirk passed his CCIE recertification exam

1/16/03 - Started school last week at Foothill College for their travel career program.

12/23-12/30/02 - Here's a quick link to Christmas photo's taken in Baltimore, MD.

11/28-12/1/02 - We spent Thanksgiving at the beach this year.  We drove down to Pismo Beach in the Central California Coast area and spent the night.  We then drove to Santa Barbara to spend the rest of the weekend.  On our way to Santa Barbara Friday morning we stopped in a town named Solvang that is modeled after a Dutch Village with windmills.  Click here to see the pictures.

11/21/02 - An article about the Linux Beer Hike Aug 2002 appears in Linux Format November 2002 magazine.  They used Kirks photos and quoted him.  Click here to view the article.

11/16/02 - We went on a bus tour to Safari West in Sonoma County to visit the animals.  We then stopped by Kunde Vineyards for some wine tasting.  Click here to see the wonderful pictures.


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